Painting and making batiks are some of my favorite activities.  Here are some that you may enjoy:

Barn 2011 Batik 7-2014 Bay left Bay right 2013 Callas 2013 Country lane 2011 Livia (Olivia Hernandez)W

A walk in the woods 7-2016

Woodsy 2013

A Quiet Place
A rose is a rose
Humbug Creek
Self portrait 6-2021
Sunset on the Beach 2019
Monet’s Pond 6-2020
La gendarme de Musee Pompidou 7/2020
Monet’s Door 11/2020
Oscar Edwin Riley and Jessie May Spangler on their wedding day 12-26-1931 (6-2021)

Night at the Machado 1-2024